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An Introductiory Course in Classical Latin

A Course for Absolute Beginners 

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Welcome to Learn Latin at Dr Johnson’s    Luxus oblectat juvenem theatri    At seni fluxo sapienter uti            Tempore restat from Johnson’s ‘In Theatro’ The luxuriousness of the stage amuses young men,         but it remains for the old to use wisely      their remaining fleeting years This course will introduce you to the basics of Latin. It has been especially designed to meet the needs of lifelong learners who have little or no previous knowledge of classical Latin. We shall be using Wheelock’s  Latin. Students will need to aquire a copy  of the 6th or 7th edition. The book provides enough material for a two-year part-time course. Your Latin Class The class meets at 14.00 hours on Tuesday afternoons at  the Samuel Johnson Birthplace Museum and Bookshop , which is in Breadmarket Street, Lichfield. There are five weeks in each half-term unit. The cost of a five-week unit is £25, payable in advance. Classes start on Tuesday 20th September, 2016. You may join the class after this date provided there is a place avialbale . The course aims to take learners from being absolute beginners (with no knowledge whatsoever of Latin) to a standard commensurate with an A* GCSE . Registration You can collect a registration form from the Samuel Johnson Birthplace Museum on Breadmarket Street, Lichfield, or you can apply for a registration form via email at: Please take  your completed form to the museum together with the half-term fee of £25. Course Materials and Structure The main content of the course is a carefully designed set of tutorials intended for mature learners. The tutorials are delivered at a gentle pace; the teacher is a highly experienced educationalist who is aware of the kinds of challenges adult learners may face when returning to study. The tutorials are based upon the very popular Wheelock’s Latin. Its authors strike a useful balance between formal and more modern approaches. Other learning materials include: links to materials on the Internet non-obligatory homework assignments lesson notes an introduction to Roman writers - in particular poets and writers from the Golden Age of  Latin literature. Some of the writers we shall look at are: Catullus, Ovid , Virgil, Horace, Julius Caesar and Pliny the Younger background information on Roman life and history. one-to-one support in class, and support via email and telephone You can buy Wheelock’s Latin on Amazon UK or order it from most good bookshops.